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Paintless Dent Removal
PDR example
PDR example

Paintless Dent Removal (or PDR) was first used by workers on the production lines of Mercedes Benz in the 1940's. These so called "ding men" developed the technique of pushing the dents out of assembly damaged panels so that they would not require filling and respraying before they could be used.

These methods slowly filtered out into mainstream car repairs in Midwestern America in the 1980's, and continued into the 1990's where technological advances meant that not only could small "dings" be removed by this technique, but larger and more complex dents may also be completely eliminated.

PERFECTADENTs PDR technician has been fully trained in the USA in all aspects of paintless dent removal, and has spent many years honing his skills in the UK market. From "door dings" to "football dents", it truly is amazing to find them completely removed, and as there's no respraying you even get to keep your manufacturers paintwork guarantee!

REMEMBER - PDR doesn't cover up dents, it eliminates them!