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Our 12 Steps to Powder Coating

Powder coating is literally the application of a powdered, plastic based paint. Although many surfaces can be powder coated, at PERFECTADENT we specialise in metal products only. This can include car, motorcycle & bicycle parts, but predominantly alloy wheels. If you have any queries about whether an item can be powder coated, please contact us.

Below is our 12 steps to powder coating alloy wheels

  1. We remove wheels from your vehicle. The vehicle is then either placed on axle stands or slave wheels for the duration of the repair
  2. The tyres, valves & balancing weights are removed from the wheels
  3. The wheels are placed in our dip tank to strip the wheels back to bare metal. Our stripping solution is non-corrosive and environmentally friendly, so it doesn't harm the wheels, the atmosphere or us!
  4. After 2 to 4 hours in the dip tank, the wheels are removed and jet washed to remove any remaining paint and stripping solution residue
  5. The wheels are shot blasted to remove any signs of corrosion
  6. Any damage to the alloy is repaired using a high grade, temperature resistant metal filler
  7. After heating them to 200°C in our custom oven, the initial primer powder coating is applied to the whole of the wheel
  8. The faces of the wheels are then coloured to the customers specification, either with one of our coloured powder coatings or with one of our range of specialised temperature resistant automotive paints. The colour substrate is then dried in the oven
  9. A final clearcoat powder lacquer is applied and cured
  10. After fully cooling down, the wheel is inspected for defects to the finish, and then a new valve is fitted to the wheel and your tyres refitted
  11. The wheels are rebalanced with internal weights which will not damage or spoil the look of the wheel
  12. The wheels are replaced on the vehicle

Please note that although we can repair curbing damage, scratches and corrosion, we do not repair structural damage such as buckling, cracking or perform wheel straightening.